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Revade Rising is an Organization focused on building a community of chill people who love games, anime, and just living life.

Our casino features a lounge, complete with a bar counter, card tables and more. We have a buffet for posting your made-at-home foods! And even a nightclub to listen to your favorite tunes of all! Use roles to their fullest, and wait for promotions!

In general, it's a nice hangout server which gets active from time to time, more often than not in voice chat. We hope you'll enjoy your stay.

We are a new server built mainly for Pokemon lovers. Here you can make new friends, chat, battle, trade, and play together. We also offer cool features for users to access the Pokemon Library, collect more than 12,000 TCG cards and giveaways.

We plan to make this a server where you can have fun, find people with the same interests and talk with people you generally just like talking to.

We are a new community that enjoys anime and gaming. This is the place to show you're inner weebness. I created this server because I like to talk about and to play with people on anime,games,manga the things I love to do and have passion for.

Heyo! Want to join a small but growing gaming community? We have 3 main games (Rocket League, Minecraft, Terraria), and many vcs and channels for all your needs.

A community of people you can talk to.

Have you been looking for a server that lets you post your art and chill? Art Gallery is a server where you can post, share and receive feedback on your drawings! We are a small but friendly and active server that love to chill and talk

DairoNetwork is a server that aims to create a fun and positive community! We are in development and are looking to build an active/positive playerbase! We aim to create a friendly environment across our Discord/Forums and soon, our Minecraft Server!

We are a community of all ages and have rules People who entered are welcomed with wide hands. we just made server and waiting members to join us have fun together.So come join us friends

This is a server is all about gta online from playing heists up to role playing.

Nous proposons une multitude de fonction que d'autres serveur ne propose pas avec un Discord très travaillé dans les moindres détails

From the Kingdom of Faerghus to the Adrestian Empire, or even from the Leicester Alliance, the Officers Academy calls for you!

Live as a humanoid animal creature. Fight for power, or love, or simply be an outcast doing whatever you very well please.

A server for enthusiasts and soon-to-be supporters of chillout music.