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A server for people that want to chill, meet new people, and talk. And for everyone who likes totinos

Basically a zombie roleplay! •Fun commands •Cool Mods and Admins •Accepting (:

Discuss with other DCUOBot users, post suggestions or ask questions to the staff.

The Cold Seas is a place intended for you to be able to meet new people and socialize. We do group calls almost daily, are pretty active, and have several bots for you to play around with. Now doing partnerships!

A lounge for writers a like to post, conversate, and self-promote. Post short stories or even demo's of your written work for people to see. We support all sorts of journalism, and actively update the community.

If you’re looking for a place to chill, be weird and talk to other gamers and join in on customs then come join us! We have a lot of emotes to use too!

Ever wanted to be a part of the Brotherhood of Steel? Well, look no further Soldier! Here in The True Steel, you can do missions, both official and unofficial. We are a brand new server based on the Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel. Join today!

A chill server made entirely for Rainbow Six Siege

Just a group of gamers focused on valorant, cod, fortnite, and other misc. games

British server to chill n dat ygm

A server where you can use bots, basically. Dank Memer robbing is enabled.

We are so happy that you are reading this message and considering joining our server! We are just starting and hope to have a huge outcome! We love having people to talk to and game with! We offer a Java Minecraft Server. We hope you decided to join us!

Its a gaming server for people to hang out on and find people to play with. please join and enjoy your stay

We're a chill server. Our goal is to make this a big chat zone. Around 10,000 messages daily. Why not come check us out? We offer: 💸 Server Currency used for buying special roles 👮 A chill server with chill staff thats not strict ♻️ 200+ Emojis

Come Hang out with us in our server , We are Waiting For Your Arrival.

a place to chill, share your art and meet new people ! we're a brand new server so please be patient with us as we grow💖