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Hello and hopefully welcome, This server is a psychology science based server that seeks to help people overcome addiction, or just help them change habits and behaviors. This server uses the stages of changes model.

Hi! This is the Whovian Hub! We are a Doctor Who Orientated Server for those 13+, with different features like our doctor themed channels and roleplay area We hope you join us and have a fantastic time! We're new, so there's not many users

A server where you can use bots, basically. Dank Memer robbing is enabled.

Join for: -inclusive community for everyone -chats for many games -expanding staff team (applications open at member goals) -active owner -24/7 support with tickets -friendly, helpful, and active staff -fun minigames -fun economy system -music!

Looking for a great and fun place to hangout? Well this 13+ server has it all! Come down and discuss anything and just be you. Once we gain a huge community there will be frequent giveaways and much more.

a place to chill, share your art and meet new people ! we're a brand new server so please be patient with us as we grow💖

This server is a casual conversation server. You could meet new friends, grow a community, and just talk for hours on hours. Play games like truth or dare, Never have I ever.

Come Hang out with us in our server , We are Waiting For Your Arrival.

A Stock Trading Community.

An organized Discord server for gamers and people in general to hangout and chill. Join if you fancy it. Invite your friends to bond and hangout together!

Griffin Studios is a community grown from the griffin studios youtube channel! come play with like minded people who all have one thing in common. they watch gaming content on our youtube channel we always welcome new members and are looking to grow!!!!!!

Hello, If you're reading this I'm asking for you to join. This is a small server looking to join, it's chill and made for making friends and hanging out. Hope to see you there

This is a server where you can have fun and chill. But this is a server where you'll have a chance to be hired as staff and win giveaways. We even got some cool bots to play with. So what you waiting for? JOIN NOW!