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Come join friendly discord server to socialize, make friends and to have fun.

-Safety & Privacy -Staff Application Website -Music Bots -Safty Bots -Info Bans -Role Explained (and more)

Join us for some memes, friendship and support :) we look out for each other

Magicland is a Minecraft Bedrock edition server and an SMP in development where you can have fun with your friends and meet new people!

https://www.youtube.com/c/starlingbladerandgamer discord server

Hello! My name is ZZZCUPIDITATEM and this is my server! I'm a rapper and I have a growing server of my friends, fans, and collaborators. If you want to play games, watch stuff, talk about life, send memes, see tits, and make music then join the server!

A friendly and informative Typology server. We talk about MBTI, Socionics, Physiotype, all sorts of Typology models, and of course we have fun and talk about anything else! A server for the r/personalityinOrder Subreddit. No trolling.

We are a community server looking for new and active members to join & become part of the family.

This is a community where you can meet fellow gamers that play Among Us and have a great time!

Come hang out in my subscriber only discord, chill out , talk to eachother and just have a good time.

Come and hang out with me and meet new people. We welcome all gamers with open arms!

Are you looking for a small community with a chill & calm vibe? Then Marshmellow is the right server for you! Hangout with friends or simply make some new ones and.. are you a content creator? Then feel free to advertise your work here!

Project Trovo is a brand new community that offers full support to streamers on Trovo, whether your just starting off or you're a full-time partner we welcome you all.

Hello I'm Z this server is all about Gaming, memes, and hanging out! If you are a gamer come on down to Dragon Gaming!

chill place to roleplay and talk to other creatives and artists.