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join or you will get aids.

Lilac ♡ ⋆ I originally created this for fun but now it has turned into a whole project. I'm trying to let this server grow so I can experience the journey with everyone else who joins. I hope you guys come and support me and my server! ⋆

We play Roblox and other games

Vibe here ya know. Always down for suggestions.

This is more than a discord server. This is a family and a cult...For Science. Join if you're bored. We love to play games, meme and discuss anime. But our main focus is giving feedback to our scientist! Come be a labrat!

A fun server with a growing community of artists, gamers and other creative people ! Theres roleplay, nsfw, streaming, and much more so please join and help hs grow🌱✨

We would love to have you join our little home away from home! Just a place to hang out and have discussions :) we are very small at the moment but we are hoping to grow and have a more active user base.

Outlet: Get your very own text channel called a plug. You have all permissions to edit your plug, including things like making it read-only or adding pinned messages. We are also giving out a bunch of staff roles if you want to help grow the server.

Server to promote your youtube channel/videos

We are a group of individuals who take part in any aspect of HF, UHF, and VHF radio transmission and receiving. Most of us have a passion for DXing. DXing is considered to be the activity of hunting and tracking distant or far away radio transmissions.

Join our discord and have a chance to win discord nitros! (up to 1 year)

Under construction...

If you like $uicideboy$ or FTP you'd love our discord come join!

Fun community discord for meeting new people and making friends!

Do you like Gerard Way? DO you want to talk to other fans of him? Come to our server. We have multiple bots (including plural kit), are LGBT friendly, and we are looking for staff! Come join us.

A Community with friendly people and kid friendly content. Everyone is welcomed.