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a gamers discord lounge where everyone is welcome form gamers to non gamers join us for fun

🤑 Free Chegg for everyone! No more paid subscription! Also have an Active community for College Students trying to make friends! 🤑

Fun little community where you can gush about your favorite fandoms.

Just a small server to chill and have fun

We are a small group of theorists that want to get our theories out there.

We are a mental health server based around providing support looking to grow. If you're looking for a space to vent, seek advice, or because you don't fit in we have friendly faces and helpers here to talk to.

This is the community of JDJG Inc. official Hang out if you want to.

This is a dating site for teens. We got nsfw and stuff. Oh and pepe emojis.

hello this is my epic pog swag server that you should totally join

Warm welcome to our server we hope you enjoy your stay with us.


This is a server dedicated to the music collective known as "77" but is open to friends, fans, and other people who would like a community to talk to.

Community group for the remake of the roblox game Tactical Entry from 2009

A nice server made for: chatting, morgflame fans and gd fans

Join us for weekly Giveaways and Tournaments. More than 7k users are waiting for you to play with them