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Hey everyone!! We are a fairly new, very welcoming community looking to expand our member count! We have multiple different channels for different things and fun bots to mess around with. We also have a wide variety of roles and colors to pick from!

A community of gamer who also post lewd BDSM content of porn, hentai, and selfies. Meme/Anime Emotes. BDSM Roles. Verification Required for lewd. LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY!

- active server - simple rules - fun bots - organised accesible channels - pick up lines ! - different interests (anime, gaming, etc) - manual roles - café theme based - events

just a spot to come vibe. literally join and do nothing idc. fuck yeah

its a server were we all can talk and have fun, it has a small number of bots to avoid clutter, were always nice and friendly

This server is a family-friendly community surrounding the up and coming Minecraft YouTuber, HalfSkeleton. In this server, you can find people to play games with, make friends and much more!

Offensive server with few rules. Do anything as long as you stick to the rules. No spam

Death Setup is a Gaming/Music Guild, spend your time and waste your boredom with the Bot games we have. We are always happy to hear your suggestions. I and my Staff bring gamers together to form bonds and maybe even play together.

This is a small Minecraft community. We have a few Twitch streamers, and we chill with our followers/members. Almost all of our community is comfortable in voice channels, and active, so don't hesitate to hop in and join the fun! Come and vibe with us!

Official Jasonbuss57YTGames Discord Server

This is The Gamer Clan It is a server where you play games, listen to music and meet new people who have the same interests as you. Please consider joining and please enjoy your stay.

Join the official dj_p0ptcorn discord server and chat with dj_p0ptcorn fans. Please join, we need more people.

The cutest chillhop discord server out there! Chat with open-minded people with diverse identities!!

This server is run by 2 owners and we hope to make a friendly and active community for gamers

Just a place to hang out, no specific topic, just to talk to random people and join events in ames i set up every once in a while lol