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Was a friend only server, than we just started inviting everyone.

This server has a bunch of emotes and a self promo channel!

https://www.youtube.com/c/starlingbladerandgamer discord server

You wont regret it! A place to meet new people and enjoy streams and videos.

We are a new FiveM RP Server that offers one-on-one support and a friendly environment. We are recruiting for = LEO = Civilian Operations

Hello! This is an Undertale roleplay server fit for semi-literate roleplays+ we have the following: -35+ Roleplay Channels -Tupperbox -OC’s are allowed! -Verification 2-Step System -Active Staff! We love to have new members! Hope to see you there!

The FBA MultiPurpose server is a server created to teach interested visitors about the FBA and the fictional world surrounding it.

Gaming server, mostly league of legends and among us, but we also host a wide variety of other games. We are inclusive of everyone and invite you all to play with us. Oceania based, make friends and play games. We also host game nights and movie nights.

Welcome to Diced Tomato's server! We host movie nights. A friendly community.

Newly made Tarkov server for experienced players looking for groups or fun

Join if you are lgbtq+ and wanna meet someone new

Brotherhood of Steel Discord server of Appalachia!

Among us finder is a discord with 200+ voice chats for you to find games with other among us players!

In Myth o' Logic, we have fun and play games together. The server is greek mythology based and we're always listening to ideas from the community.

Join us for some memes, friendship and support :) we look out for each other

A friendly and informative Typology server. We talk about MBTI, Socionics, Physiotype, all sorts of Typology models, and of course we have fun and talk about anything else! A server for the r/personalityinOrder Subreddit. No trolling.