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Are you looking for a great gaming discord? Well then stop your search. We have an organized channel with bot mini games and games with certain channels. You can join as a Xbox, PlayStation, or PC player. We provide game news as well. We are growing.

Military Community

Relitivly new server only here for some chats and memes also check out our podcast :)

Welcome to Gaming & Chill Gaming & Chill is a community for people that love Gaming and to chill aswell, it doesn't matter where you came from. You can discuss many different topics in the wide variety of channels here! Hope you enjoy!

Kio’s Kids is a LGBT-friendly server!! anyone and everyone is welcome :))

A chill server for you to come and hang out in! (STAFF NEEDED)

GommeHD ClanWars Server

Minecraft Cracked Server. -Server ip: Gamster.org -The minecraft server is not ours -Bedwars -1.8-1.16.2

just a fun server lol. Argue with some people. Discuss interests, make friends ETC.

do you ever wanted to have a cheap minecraft ,spotify,hulu, nord vpn etc... account? I am selling premium accounts for 0.05$ for 1 account, 1$ for 25 accounts and 5$ for unlimited accounts!

~Vampire Club~ Vampire club is an anime server for all ages, where everyone can share their interests of anything and everything anime! The main focus of this server is to be able to discuss ships that you love!

Physical, Emotional, and Financial growth! Try it out and watch the gains flow in. We aren't trying to sell anything either! We are opening a perfect Investing Discord to help EVERYONE make money during this quarantine. Use the internet and make cash!

A Discord server for lovers of Adopt Me! We have Trading Chats, Scammer Reporting, Fun Bots and More!!!