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Tired of offending mods and their buddies and getting kicked, banned, or muted? Tired of always stepping on eggs shells? Was that racist joke just a tad too racist? Well just like honey badgers, we don't give a shit, come enjoy some freedom of speech!

find people to play on servers with you and just chill

Starting Discord server. The server is for people that game or want to just chat. I made the server because of my stream here I have announcements and giveaways for milestones.

We are a brand new server that is trying to grow a community and become something nice. Join if you want to meet new people and chill and meme with others!

Hi there I'm creating a new chess server for all chess based activities Please join and support Thank you so much

A server with no boundaries

a server where you can meet new people that want to play with you.

Welcome to the Rapture! A place where the great would not be constrained by the small!. We're a group of people that have a love for gaming and socializing. Join us on our quest and come make some news friends.

Welcome to Chill Space!! CS is a fun hangout server where you can chill and make some new friends! why not stop by? :)

Welcome to the Gaming Corner, a chill place to find other gamers to play with!

MysticMessenger Role play server! Open canon characters as of writing this! If they do get taken by the time you get here unlimited mcs/ocs!!

Talk, think and share football here! This is your ticket to a great football match!

<.Sunshine Airways.> Here at sunshine, we strive to make you have your best flight ever! We do daily facts, giveaways etc! We want our community to grow, and you can help by joining here! https://discord.gg/BzgWVH

Just a new chill server with not a lot of people but we're doing our best

- A Laid Back Community Environment - 14+ Server - CGL Channels - Optional Viewing of our CGL/Kink channels - 18+ NSFW Channels (must be verified) - Lewd Role Options as well as General Roles - New Server Looking for Trusting Staff

a religion debate and philosophy server for all religion people even for atheist and agnostics