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This server helps people find other people to play their games and maybe talk about them. It also has music, art, adult channel for adults only, and memes.

A server where you can chat with fellow Jojo fans! Listen to all the Jojo songs, and read all the Manga volumes! Come join now!

Want a place where you can do whatever you want without consequence? Consider joining this anarchy server! All members are given the same role with admin perms and can do whatever they want. Aside from Discord's ToS, there are absolutely no rules.

We are a friendly community eager to meet new people! Our server is rapidly growing, and we have an excellent staff team, 24-7 live support, weekly events and more!

Lets help get my server full back up and running!

we are a pro gaming team that was just recently created your server has players with all difrent skill levels some players with 14 k hours on csgo and some players who just got the game ROLES LEVELS MUSIC PRO STRAMERS

Archers Craft is a growing community where everyone is welcome! We’re a mature, close community where you’ll be able to socialize in-game

For the moment its dead but i will chat with whoever joins in there If you do join, have fun, do whatever you want but on each channel, i wont mind the spam tho but only if its on its channel ¬.¬ . . . and. .. yeet? idk what to say , join if u want

A fun server where we hang out, chill make friends and have fun. There are bots, giveaways and other fun stuff. Hope you enjoy your stay :)

Join for meme sharing (and stealing)

An all in one place of nine months dedicated server building, √7 floors √a functional elevator √multitude of roles √multitude of pages √never before seen server concepts √Emperial Radio (with Radio Host -10- dedicated positions avail

Fun little community for sharing memes and just hanging out.

buy or exchange things at roblox

A discord server linked to a friendly and really cool Minecraft community realm!