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Hey everyone!!! Would you like to join a music, art, and gaming server? Well then come join us at Music City! What we provide: :date: Fun events once a week! :handshake: People to play with! :outbox_tray: Share your art, music & anything else!

Free Games | Developer Community | Raiding & Spam protected | Regular giveaways

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Welcome to the Team Vexial Server! Team Vexial is a professional fortnite esports organization established in April 2020. We strive to become the best of the best in fortnite. Come join our server if you are interested in trying out or just vibing.

✦ Anime & Gaming themed ✦ Active & Experienced Staff ✦ Monthly free Nitro events ✦ Karaoke, Anime night, Movie night, and gaming nights weekly ✦ Fun active community

Come in Everybody is Welcome.

We all know how hard it can be to stay up to date with the news and also to write in a news channel in your server! This is where we can help!

A Roblox server for trading and marketplaces!

Place to have fun and mess around no super crazy though

Amazon gift cards legit proof in server.

Discord server to chill and talk about anime.

Welcome to the Furry Kingdom! Seeking a place to meet furs, role play, interact, and have a great time? Well the Furry Kingdom has all that and more! You dont even need to be a furry to join! Anyone is welcome!

Playing minecraft? Looking for a good new upcoming HCF server? https://discord.gg/vm7Xjg3 Brand new!

This is a well made Discord Server That is a place where you can Put your stuff in the server and also a gaming place for all gamers AND GAMMER GIRLSS