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Warzone group to play and chill out together

vihmu OpenArena clan and servers.

A friendly community for people to relax in and meet other wonderful folks! Jump in and talk about games, music, or whatever you feel like. All are welcome!

We're a friendly, non toxic, welcoming tea shop! or server, in this case. Seichii Fluff offers a cute, versatile selection of activities ranging from just casually texting other people to grinding in bots. We also have a select group of st

24 discord server


A server for chatting about the wonderful television show that is Twenty-Four, which ran from 2001 - 2014 and which might get a revival.

Welcome to Takru Otaku Village Are you an otaku if you are then this server is just for you

Come hang out with us in Megumin's Dungeon! A verified server where anyone and everyone is welcome!

This server is for all old and new comers and to share knowledge and understanding of the craft, as well as discussing different topics and views about witchcraft or outside of witchcraft.

We are a new server, if you join it would make my day!

Hey everyone! This is a Twice fan server, this is a welcoming community and all other fandoms please feel free to join! If you are interested in music, kpop, gaming and Twice then this is definitely the server for you!

We are a family-friendly server that is filled with Pokémon lovers, and an expansion to ACNH is on the horizon. There are daily shiny raids, daily giveaways, free services for Gen 7/Gen 8 games, and so much more! Come join us to have a great time!

Dinokuma is a chill server where you can meet to people and have fun conversations. We have much to offer (pinky promise!). Dinokuma is a fairly new server so we could really use your help getting started up, and we promise we'll make it worth you're whil

A server to meet other gamer's, network, look for clan mates, share dank memes, or just be yourself. we don't judge! (maybe a little)

just a club for cute persons and cute personalty's and an adventure ahead...

Social Gathering for all 18+. Freedom of Speech encouraged.

This is a fun gaming discord server. It is a fun, understanding discord server. There is a leveling system, consistent updates, strict moderation, fun bots, many channels, server events and customs, and teams. There is a more to see so join to find out!