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Hi I'm powplowdevs a new indie game Developer 😄 and I have a discord channel❗🎉 come chill out😌and have fun and even promote ⬆️📢 your games and art🎨 🎮 go check it out and we have memes 😂

We are a fully established anime server.

Inferno Squad is a tight-knit community of people who play Star Wars Battlefront II.

Hangout server for 13-19 year olds. We have: Memes, Music and more! We are striving for an active community and friendly members!

Hosting worldwide events including giveaways, tournaments, leagues and so much more! Face off against fair competition of hundreds of teams competing worldwide for $$!

Welcome to the forest, a place where you can leave your past woes behind you, and start anew. This is an apolitical LGBT furry discord, that we hope you'll come to call home.

This is a server for shitposting , memes and hangout You can make memes and chat with other people and just have fun!

This'll be a fun ride, won't it?

League of programmers focused on Fivem. With scripts and mods for your server.

We are a fortnite gaming community that hosts Box fights, Zone Wars, Custom Matches, Tournaments, and other big Events. 1vs1's , looking for duo and groups, self promotion, and giveaways are also very popular. Almost 31,000 members and growing

Join, we chat shit, post memes and have a skype group

it took me like 3 months to make this server

This is a naruto/anime themed server. We don’t have many rules so it’s pretty much just a free to do what you want kind of server.

This server is a friendly, welcoming support server for the Airbus Bot. The server is a large community of coders, Airbus Bot users, friends, and many more people. We are an enthusiastic community that welcomes everyone and we hope you will join!