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We are a mobile gaming clan looking to make it to the top

A friendly and fun discord server where we can all have small late night talks, draw, play video games together, talk about our favorite animes and manga, and more! RUN BY A GIRL, AND ONLY WOMEN THX (∩ᄑ_ᄑ)⊃━☆゚*・。*・: KPOP/ANIME/GAMES/ART/CHATTING !! 〜☆

Free indie game giveaways! Be in the GANG GANG! Stay radical! Join the Judo Crew Gaming Discord server today!

We are an organized group, based off of the game Club Penguin. Better known as a Club Penguin Army.

If you're excited for SINoALICE global , everyone else on this server is too >< We have professional JP players who will be willing to help you out <3 Feel free to join our community.

Uma comunidade de otakus e gamers

Hey! Come join our amazing gaming community! We have: 🔶 Excellent Management 🔶 Fun Games 🔶 Amazing Community 🔶 Everything Gaming 🔶 Economy 🔷 Join Now! 🔷

A chill place for you guys to hangout in. Make friends, play games, and relax with us. We do movie nights, game nights, and other fun events.

Just a relaxing chat for anyone with any interests.

Welcome to Cash V, where we do FREE money drops 💰 and cheap recoveries 💳 (unlike any other you've seen). We provide daily money drops for our GTAV community! This for is PC ONLY 💻 JOIN NOW for free money drops and a good time! 😉

Chill server to play Valorant, League of Legends, Roblox, and a lot of other free/steam games! Giveaways like every week! Judgmint#0001

You there, Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger than yourself. Well, we here at the cult of thighs are bigger than life it's self. Join for fellow thigh lovers and an all-around good time. (We do have other things, not just thighs).

We are a new community that enjoys anime and gaming. This is the place to show you're inner weebness. I created this server because I like to talk about and to play with people on anime,games,manga the things I love to do and have passion for.

A ROBLOX community hangout for sf clanners

Were just a small anime and gaming community trying to rise to the top. It probably wont happen anytime soon or anytime at all but give us a chance if you will :D