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You hear the soft pitter patter of the rain, a cold and dreadful noise yet soothing. Through the midst you hear a soft knock, someone is knocking on your door? Dread takes over your mind, yet, gratitude also takes up the space. Open it? Or Not?

super fun 18 up server with massive NSFW and sexy emojis in our server we hope u consider and be friendly to everyone in it and read the rules cause dont need mishap

Лояльная администрация, общение на свободные темы, активное развитие сервера.

Bloxtopia is an online brick building game for all ages with over one thousand users.

RufixCraft A newly based server focused on Minecraft, Memes, Many Bots, Gaming, and many more!

Chill server trying to make a good meme of a community. Events every sunday!

Candle light is a discord server with a wide variety of people and chat rooms, Anybody is welcome to join candle light!

Our discord server is focused on helping small twitch streamers, youtubers, mixer streamers grow, along with socializing and having a great time.

get a sugar daddy/mommy or be one yourself. meet other horny people and you can rp sell nudes and make cash!

This chilled out server is mainly for making new friends and playing games. Staff is nice and you are comfortable in it.

- A lounge for everyone that just wants to relax ,talk, and hangout. - The server has an accepting and relaxed community. - We have game and also Movie nights.

A new and bustling discord server!

Void Linux is an independent Linux distribution that uses the X Binary Package System (XBPS) package manager, which was designed and implemented from scratch, and the runit init system.

California Dream Roleplay is an Xbox One roleplay community that takes no part in any real police station, laws, and services. This community is for the sole purpose of role-playing and having fun.

This is a interesting, cool, funny discord server!

I’m Timid Theresa, she’s AmyMoe, and we do Let’s Plays on Youtube! You can expect lots of random movie quotes, insane bursts of giggling, awesome games, and questionable thoughts on duck holes...*cough* anyway! New videos Monday-Friday 9am PST.