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cherry bomb is a newly made server for gamers looking for co-op matches, roleplayers looking for partners and artists looking for commisions! we offer collectable roles, a miku church& an open community just waiting to meet you!

A server that values freedom of speech more than anything!

Friendly community that gives you the delight you want! 😃

Stardust, the coolest server this side of the equator. -kinnie, endo, and mogai friendly. - verification system to avoid raids - cool bots, roles, and channels - we're all friendly here!

All things Nerd Server! If you like Gaming, Films, And Nerd Culture, come join us! Its a small group right now but the more the merrier!

💎This. Is. A̾z̾u̾l̾.💎 💠A NEW chill, community/social server.💠 ---------------------------------------------- 🔹Active Staff & Members🔹 🔹Music🔹 🔹Memes🔹 🔹Giveaways (TBD)🔹 🔹Invite Incentives🔹 🔹Special roles🔹 ---------------------------------

Just chill in here and vibe and have fun

I friendly place to make new friends and socialize! We hope to create a safe place for everyone! Our server includes the following; Rant/Vent channels Trigger lists PluralKit Regular activity Art channels And much more!

At this planet, we except everyone. You can meet new people, chat, and have fun with bots!

This server may not be focused on one thing as there are many aspects in life why no many in a server.

we sit in calls all day playing games. we post funny videos and memes. we have channels for everything and the server is optimized by great bots. looking for people who are interested.

Where a chill server with little people, we like to give players a nice chatting and gaming environment, we have chat servers call servers and Looking for group server. Here at Region Six we make it our priority to give gamers there best experience.

Hey you, this is a game community! Join this server and help us growing up, thanks!

A server where you can chat with fellow Jojo fans! Listen to all the Jojo songs, and read all the Manga volumes! Come join now!

Wanta join a top-notch FiveM Roleplaying server? Well WCDOJRP Is the right place! We are a experienced and aged community starting out in 2018 with over 100 members. From there, we are urging for a fresh start after our long term break... So join now!

Our server is a great place to be and everyone here is super friendly. Our main goal is gaming but there are plenty of other things to do as well like an economy. We take all suggestions and anyone is free to join even if they don't play video games often