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A post-apocalyptic roleplay server. Join to meet a growing community of storytellers!

Are you looking for friends, a lovely server, and creative people? Well I think Kat's Kubby is great for you! Kat's Kubby is a server where you can self promote, vent if needed, make friends, show your creative side, and more! I hope you join! :)

A 17+ / Sci-Fi & Cyberpunk RP / Strong Sex,Drug,Murder Themes. Bay City is a futuristic city that feels like a believable and grounded version of what San Francisco and the surrounding areas could become over the next 300 years.

We are a small Discord Community with an age of 14-21. We got about 15 Members and want you! We got many bots from NSFW - Meme Bots. We love gaming and would be pretty happy if you like to talk and have fun while playing!

Writing Commission Studio is for clients looking for a professional writer to realize their stories, fanfic, and game projects.

- Chill Out - ________________________________________________________ We are a lovely and friendly community. We're Looking for New Staff You can meet new people and have fun with the bots! ________________________________________________________

A server based for support purposes, but a community as well! We are welcome towards anyone and everyone!

hello! we are a small, chill server. if you're looking to make friends, you can join our the cheese hub!

A new server based in Sydney that shares passion for Indie development. More than that, we love our share of other hobbies and D&M, looking to create friendly networks along the way!

This server is a place to hang out and chill with others, you can use the main chat or off topic to talk about whatever you want or if you want to use a voice chat you can. we have plenty of emotes aswell so feel free to use them.

Welcome to Wordlog! We are an active community aimed at learning languages in a friendly atmosphere. We encourage multicultural exchange, as well as chatting about art, music, and sharing our creations! Drop by and say hello! :) discord.gg/m3he3nk

Work your way through the invite tiers to unlock some free stuff! We also do **weekly giveaways** Rewards include: ~**Ikonik, Eon, Royale Bomber**, Bundles, and Rare Skin Accounts ~Creator Code **~GEN Access**

We are a community of Minecraft Gamers. We mainly play on the Hypixel network and play the pit, skywars, bedwars, and other things on the server. The owner is a youtuber and animator and would love others to join.

Join Farm and Fight Minecraft server Win money Buy houses Choose 3 jobs IP : farmandfight.boxtoplay.com Version : 1.13.2

γƒŸ A vintage aesthetic themed server γƒŸ Friendly ,non toxic and cozy server ,where u can make a lot offriends γƒŸFun loving community

MagyarorszΓ‘g Counter Strike kΓΆzΓΆssΓ©ge tΓ©ged vΓ‘r! Csatlakozz, hogy Γ©rtesΓΌlj a legΓΊjabb CS:GO frissΓ­tΓ©sekrΕ‘l magyar nyelven.