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Big Pump Signal is the biggest cryptocurrency pump community worldwide. We find unique market opportunities and together with our group we pump the price of coins up massively by buying in at the same time.

A server to hang out, make friends and grow. Theres custom roles, a mc server coming out soon, staff applications, custom emojis, and much more. The community is friendly and loves to joke around. Join today!

18+ community for femboys and traps♡ Lots of roles and emojis♡ Roleplay♡ Movies♡ Lots of chats for all your needs♡ Wonderful and active staff♡ Dating♡ Nsfw chats♡ And lots more♡ Cant wait to see all you wonderful people in the server💕

ultimate girls is a girls-only server dedicated to super smash bros. ultimate. regardless of your skill level, you are welcomed to join as long as you identify as a girl. improve and make friends along the way.

❆ Angel Kingdom ❆ Topluluk Sunucusu, sohbet sunucusu arkadaş ortamı can dostu bir sunucudur! 🖥 | Kendimize özel bot tasarladık! 💥 ⏰ | 7/24 Destek ✅ 🌀 | Yetkili alımı vardır! ✅ 💎 | Premium komutlar 🚨 ÜCRETSİZ 'DIR! 🆓 🌟 | BETA 0.0.2 Sürümü'dür! 🛡

[ find fans of all kinds of music and talk about/discover music ]

Trying to find a small community about gacha? SunClub is a small discord community where you can meet friends, chat about gaming, anime, gacha, and advertise your gacha life YouTube channel! We are also listening for thoughts and opinions from members.

The Union, UIS or the Union of Intergalactic States is a faction-turned-gaming community bent on ganking people in multiplayer servers across the globe while trying to fix things when they inevitably go wrong. Ever flown into a star, before? We have.

Meteor Garden A server made for meeting and talking to people with a meteor theme you can find almost everything to talk about.

Hello people!! This is a server that’s all about trading. Socialize and exchange rare weapons or materials. We try to keep as many scammers out of the server, so come on down to our discord homebase!

We're a new hangout server dedicated to gaming and chatting! We're an active, friendly community with over 100 people looking to expand to new gamers.

we a chill ass server with low moderation, chill niggas and bad bitches 1:1 female to male ratio hella emotes and roles see for yourself

ny users from all over the world use the Adult Sexting Room to indulge in conversation of an explicit nature, share their favorite porn pics, video clips and more of course role-play and sext.

Ever wanted to change history? Now is your chance. Patria is a Discord based alternate history game, based on strategy, economy and negotiation with other players. Amidst the havoc of an alternate 6th century timeline, rise up a nation and rule the world.

this server is just to chill or play games with others