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We're a Sydney-based community for Oceania and Asian populations to chat and chill with people of the same time zone, with fun games and a relaxed atmosphere. You don't have to be near Oceania or Asia to join, but it is preferable.

This server, run by an egirl, has active chat channels, 200+ nsfw emojis, female selfies & nudes, lots of porn/hentai bots, free premium porn accounts, giveaways (including Nitro, PayPal, gift cards), friendly (and naughty) community to make new friends!

Manjaro is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system.

Are you looking for a friendly discord server to make new friends, chill or just talk to folks? A new community server We are friendly, everyone is welcome! Social, chill, advertisements

Slackware is a Linux distribution created by Patrick Volkerding in 1993.

A server for help in games.

D Town is a dark themed server based on Min Yoon-gi from BTS. We welcome non-K-pop fans too. So, do not be afraid to join. The topic is not always K-pop!

A close-knit gaming/social server for LGBT+ people. No need to feel shy, come and join us! Game with us, watch some movies, and hit us with your best memes.

Are you tired of COVID-19 and being quarantined, well lets vaccinate your Boredom. We are giving away 10k in Dank-Memer currency, to anyone that joins the server this week. Just tag @Giveaway Manager in our Dank-Memer channel to Redeem your prize.

Fun server with lots to do for example: . LGBTQ+ . Bot fun . Challenges . Polls . Music . Chats I hope you consider joining!

Tam focuses on people socializing in our unique society

Voici le serveur OFFICIEL du clan Brawl Stars "Les Frankais"

Shadow Squad is a family friendly discord server about a youtuber named Shadow who makes videos about games, makes livestreams about games, and sometimes makes vlogs. Read our long description for more info. - Sincerely, President of Shadow Squad.

A relatively new server and a community with a long story. We almost only speak German, so I would recommend only joining if you are fluidly enough to speak with us in a nice manner.

A Funny and entertaining server, with wholesome individuals! POLICY BEFORE ENTERING SERVER: - Must be 18+ (I add some 17 year olds but it's depending on status) - Answer verification questions - VERIFICATION FOR SELFIE NEEDED