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we are defenestration cult. we were brought to this world to create chaos and be stupid. as the messiah of this cult i hope you will join us on our adventures

Welcome to the Kingdom of Birb! We got memes! And mangoes!

minimalist music server / artist collective

Welcome to the hall of warriors, join us in Valhalla. Here we relax and bathe in all the wine our blood can handle. 18+ with public and private chats to satisfy all your desires.

Enter a world where magic is an everyday tool, where Mages sculpt the world to their desire, and the powerful rule. Nine kingdoms, Nine ranks, infinite possiblities. Delve into out cutom lore, expanding daily and rapidly.

It's just a group where you hang out , have game nights , talk to each other it's nothing much really but we would very much appreciate it if you would join.

Our server is about helping and rewarding others. In our server you can get a lot of rewards for inviting your friends in it. You get awarded for activity. You get active staff which would reply on every message. So join and try us

This is a new Irish based server we are new and growing a community were active and play games post memes etc on the regular and would love to have you here thanks

Acesta este serverul Romaniei de Rocket League. In acesta poti discuta, face trade-uri sau a te juca Rocket League!

Just as the name suggests this is a My Hero Academia Roleplay made up of completely OC characters! It currently consists of teachers, villains, and students!

This server is for teenage dating (13-19) want to get matched with new people then join this server!!!

We are a starting group, hoping to start a Software & GameDev company by 2022.

A server that is about playing any type of game and finding others that enjoy the same games as you.

Our server is based on playing with the community. You can enjoy in our server. A lot of fun awaits you.

A discord server for weebs and gamers to chill