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Minetab is a minecraft server that will be started in february 2020!

just a server to chat and talk in a nice atmosphere with chill people! we are looking for more people to grow and join our family.

The Minorities as a small server for you to join and talk with! We would love to grow into a community. The Minorities offers fun for everyone. Join and have fun!

This is a general get-together for people who enjoy the lewder things in life. Stop by! Say hi! Don't be shy, everyone enjoys lewd things now and again.

For a cup of cofee you are welcome in our cozy corner

!Join Our CzechoSlovak Discord Server ! -Play Many Types Of Games From Apex To League Of Legends -Find People To Play With u Games

A community discord focused on making new friends and connecting with one another through gaming.

The Discord server for the DJI product users with any DJI Product

While the server's name may be pretty basic, what I'm hoping for this server is not. I want to build a community where people from all over can talk and have fun. To make new friends and memories, and to meet people they wouldn't meet elsewhere.

The name basically describes the server for itself. It's a chill server where people hang out and talk and just all out have a fun, and chill time! If you want to be apart of the fun join now!

Natsu no Uta or NNU for short is a small yet welcoming anime community! We have many things to offer, such as custom bots, giveaways, and much more! We hope you'll consider joining us! ^^

⭐ | Tired of enormous servers? Join Pure Anime! We are a brand new community looking for members! Here you can meet new people and make some friends. Have discussions about anime, manga, gaming and more!

May servers I’ve gone too don’t have that “connect with members” feeling, sometimes the moderators are b****es, or everything isn’t organised. Well this server changes that! Just introduce yourself, and the server of your dreams are unlocked!

❤ ʏᴜᴋɪɴ ❤ Yukin is a SFW friendly server, we mostly discuss about anime, manga, gaming, and almost all hobbies. ▹ Everyone is welcome as long they follow the rules correctly (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

We're a server who dedicated its space for everyone to call home and people to call family. As a community we are close knit and tight like a Wolf Pack, Hence the name. 15 years old | Dedicated Staff | Literate RP

hello this is my epic pog swag server that you should totally join