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A fun, supportive and friendly community with a peaceful vibe! Not too dead, not too active. Perfect for chillin in with your friends! :D

Intrepid Freedom is a new server created with one thing in mind; to provide a safe haven for everyone who needs someone to talk to about their day. Content creators also welcome, good vibes here!

With a setup money system, chat rooms and giveaways! Join our new server to get a bonus of 150k cash upon joining!

The official Nimiziz discord. Keep up with game news, esports, and chat about all things Call of Duty! Plenty of voice channels for gaming, friendly people, advertising for members, and more!

Hello! we are a server that is addicted to Broadway and musicals so we made a little hut for us musical fans to scream under, The Discord Sings Musicals Server! We are a server that sing songs, edit said songs, and eventually post it up on Youtube!! (:

· Edgy · Chill · NSFW Channels · Dank Memer · Events · Bots · Staff

We are a small roblox group, which wants to expand to other games. We are LGBTQ+ very friendly and welcome anyone. <3

We are a new aesthetic discord server filled with chill vibes, fellow anime fans, and weird bums. Basically multi-fandom!

Welcome to... **Messy Spaceman!** **Messy Spaceman** is a new, fun and welcoming community server for all you messy space goers! We are focused on making a spacey and exciting environment for everyone!

Kool aid serer join for some kool aid.

In this server you can easily purchase Photoshop services for things like Thumbnails, Logos, and more!

Jupiters Haven is an anti toxic multi fandom anime roleplay and hangout server. We are somewhat of a "shelter" for those who don't want anymore toxic servers

Lunar Modifications - A server where members can request pre-built Discord Servers - Roles, Permissions, Channels, Bots, and much more! Diamond Edition Setup now 5% off! 5/25/2020-5/28/2020

A cool FiveM Server, We are currently developing a DOJRP for FiveM, now is a good opperitunity to get some high ranks in EMS, PD, and STAFF! Join now for fun!

Welcome to crumpets. We are a brand new server! We have tons of channels, bots, and roles! Our mods are very friendly and will help you with whatever you need. Making friends is easy-peasy. We'll make sure you enjoy your stay!

https://discord.gg/D6v4KVh Free chat room✔️ Free buy/sell alerts for stocks and options ✔️ Free alerts for day and swing trading ✔️ A ton of educational resources ✔️ High success rate ✔️ Click the invite link and check it out.