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Here you can make friends, participate in games, chat or just hang out. Everyone is welcome! :D

The main support and chat server for OG-PVP - This is where the devs live :-)

主に雑談やボイスチャット、グローバルチャットやゲームができるサーバーです。 是非入ってみてください。

This is a server for sneakerheads who want to chill and chat with others. We have multiple channels for multiple things and this server can be for just people in general! So please join this server while it it public and open! Thanks!

Server for roblox group

-Brand new server looking for members -Beginners who are learning the game can ask questions -Hosting games when more people are here -A great place to chill and talk about this game and others

This server involves the bot UnbelievaBoat. This server is for fun and entertainment for everyone to come together and chill and gamble or whatever you feel like you wanna do. We are also looking for staff and active members.

cool weebs is a new and chill group to chat and make friends with new weeb friends! this server is new so there aren’t much people on it :/

13+ Gaming Community Cross-Platform. Variety of games.

The goal of this server is to help you learn more about a subject you want, and to help others learn about subjects that you know about. This could be anything from art pointers to recommending anime

This is the Official TVC Discord Server _TVC is a you tuber who makes videos about many animated shows such as; steven universe, miraculous ladybug,she-ra and more.

A community of people you can talk to.

We're about bringing furs and non-furs together to have fun and clear the stigma that furries are bad. They're honestly some of the most friendly people on the internet.

A friendly mobile legends community server, welcomes all, no skill requirements to join We are starting up a new squad "The Tryhards" in which there is a requirement to join. DM an admin for further info

Join the Discord specifically for RPG fans | Mass Effect | Dragon Age | The Witcher | The Elder Scrolls | Fallout | Cyberpunk | And More

We are just a bunch of people that try to have fun in the most stupid way possible