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Here we play games, mess around and allsorts!

Tivion is a rather new but immersive Roleplay server that takes place 200 years after the bombing of japan in a terraformed world caused by the radiation. This server is modern Sci-fi and fantasy with magic, character creation is easy and simple and every

Official Discord Server for PYRO Network (PYRO) Cryptocurrency Project

Join The Communist Revolution!

Arrow is the ultimate place to advertise and is the choice of 60+ members! We want your small server to turn into a bigger server for free! But that's not all! We also have chatting, many bots, giveaways, and perks for advertisers!

Fun wholesome active community for chill people ~ Frequent events ~ Nitro giveaways ~ Fun bots ~ Friendly staffs ~ Skribblio ~ Movie nights ~ Inhouse League & more!

You earn money by inviting people, that's cool, right? We'd love to see you there!

We are an Australian discord mainly here for Rainbow Six Siege we do support other games and are looking to expand our category's. We have been around for a month now and we are a server of 200+ members strong and continuously growing.

Very average twitch streamer looking for more followers!

Welcome to the UN, This is a political server and includes a Mock Government.

Nice server for Anime topic

The Ultimate Gaming Server is the best place for gamers to socialize and find new teammates! You can talk about any of your favourite games, and request any game you like!!

A chill server to just talk and get to know people and have fun. It is a small but growing server at the moment.There are lots of cool events, such as art challenges and game nights, such as cards against humanity, uno, scribbl.io and much more!

A kink community based server (but we accept all) based around bdsm, ddlg, petplay, etc. Brand new. Updated every day. Not complete yet.