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We are a small community that is working towards creating a customized, community-based FiveM experience. We are currently looking for motivated member to join our administrative level. Join today!

Project Trovo is a brand new community that offers full support to streamers on Trovo, whether your just starting off or you're a full-time partner we welcome you all.

4chan discord for chatting, gaming, anime, music and many other things.

A server for the beautiful sport.

Welcome to Fosh's Cat Cafe! We are a newly founded discord looking for active staff and members to add to our community! We welcome people of all aesthetics! Use our text channels and voice channels to discuss your interests and show off your hobbies.

୨୧ - [ welcome to swag city ] ‧₊˚✧ We are a new aesthetic server to meet new friends, talk about hobbies, and all around chill! Was recently revamped to look more aesthetic and fun! Low moderation and active staff members, with tons of self roles!

We have a few things within our community that allow you to get some information on your player stats within Warzone BR, Play some text games, win giveaways and get updates on the game itself. Please come by and get our server started!

cute emote server thats brand new! aesthetic and friendly

welcome to atla ✦͙͙͙❥⃝∗⁎.ʚɞ.⁎∗❥⃝**͙✦͙͙͙ ➴➵➶ atla is a Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra themed server. Atla accepts and encourages all that are interested or just want to see what it's about

This server is a playground, I am opening this server for testing bots, testing code, experimenting, and hanging out with other developers, so what do you say, come on and join in! And make something filled with tech today!

We offer rewards such as **PayPal $$$** and **Discord Nitro** for inviting people and leveling up! We also host **EVENTS** in Minecraft as Discord with lots of prizes! What are you waiting for? **Join now**!

A Discord server for having fun,awesome roles ,giveaways,discussions about almost everything!First 3 players who join will be awarded!

this serves is for those who want to have a refresher - all welcome , good atmosphere <3

✨ W I L D L A N D S ✨ 🌿 WL is an🐾animal artist / furry / enthusiast🐾group! 💛 We welcome all animal lovers and artists of all backgrounds. 🎨 Original bot with drawing tasks 💲 Virtual currency for artists 📰 Advertisement friendly! 🏳‍🌈 Hate-free

This server is friendly, supportive and growing. When joining please make sure to read rules! Fun staff, fun activities and many channels. Have fun!