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The Communist State of discord is a community where we will do giveaways, role play, raids on people (hush hush) and express our true inner Communists!

A server dedicated to light gaming, general conversation, and sharing of art, music, and writing.

Hello Ever wanted a developer on your game well come here!

this is just a chat, gaming, meme server for people. no cursing because little kids might be on so shut up.

We are a friendly animal crossing bunch and we do tip based flower watering! We will come to your island in group of 5 for maximum effect!

A really new server. Join to possibly enter a giveaway to earn some stuff, including nitro and a hulu account. Hangout and chill and apply for staff to try and make our server more unique.

You can talk freely and play games.

Hello this is Kun Club we focus on gaming,anime,kpop,and much much more! You can meet new people with similar taste find new friends and have a place you can talk!

For all your idol/band hell needs!

Heya! Wanna meet some people or just vibe? Then this is the place for you! We have a variety of bots to chose from and are always willing to add more! We want to be like a family! Always there for eachother and very accepting!

The Black Ring is an open format server with Game rooms for you to play which ever RPG game you wish, and great community channels to hang out. No Bs just games

Welcome to Games Galore, in this amazing server you can express yourself by using all of our bots, including dank memer, Suggestion bot, Groovy music bot, Carl-bot, and IdleRPG bot! Join today and get gaming! Games 4 Days!

Serwer jakiego potrzebujesz

Hello! We are Moonrise tournaments! We host Valorant tournaments weekly, with over $200 prize pool each time!

A fantasy based role-playing server that revolves around werewolves, though not limited to. Fun ranks and activities, as well as bots and self applied roles! This is a fairly new server under construction, so feel free to leave suggestions!

We're the best, roleplay server every please join our Discord Community.