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Serendipity is an up-and-coming server to fuel your daily chatting needs. Participate in game nights, movie nights, and weekly giveaways with others around the world!

This server is mainly a political hangout place that allows discourse and occasional debates. Join to have political or casual chats, with a very friendly/tight-knit community and staff!

Hello There, Here you can advertise absolutely anything for example - Bots - Servers - YouTube channels - YouTube videos - Twitch channels - Social Media Pages - Much more from games and memes! Short and sweet description, and i hope you enjoy

Simple, growing, multi gaming community discord. Made by players, for players. Share guides, memes and other helpful and fun stuff with other gamers that play the same game(s) as yourself!

Join now 😥 We do Island-giveaways Mostly everyday🎉 We are trying hard as we can to get more members 👊 The chat is dead in are server so if you can i will be happy if you chat I lot 😁 That all, I hope you join please 🙏

https://www.youtube.com/c/starlingbladerandgamer discord server

Completely Booked is a writing group focused on writing and writers. Daily questions. Weekly prompts. Give and get feedback.

This is a friendly server for anyone who likes talking to people.

IKEA is a growing community that runs an Arma 3 server for zeus ops and other great gamemodes, we also have a minecraft server that is ran similar to a anarchy server. Everyone in here plays plenty of games and we all just chill in general voice chats

This is the VIBEZ Zone, where it's ALL ABOUT THE VIBEZ! Here you participate in our chill community, make some friends, and have fun! Remember to follow the rules upon joining! We will keep you safe if you are being harmed by anyone!

A server for Girls Frontline mainly for Role Playing and chatting about our favorite mobile game, come on in and say hi!

Premium CS:GO betting predictions. Free cash rewards + subscriptions for referring others!

¡Se parte de Daydream uniéndote cuando quieras! Comparte con nosotros quien eres y lo que amas. Una comunidad hecha por introvertidos, para introvertidos. ¡Contamos con bots y emojis únicos!

Do you play ROBLOX Breaking Point? If you do head on down to this server! We host competitions, giveaways, and more!

Official Mark Sixma Discord Channel

Looking for people to play games with on a variety of platforms? Or are you looking for a community full of avid content creators? If you're looking for any of them, or even just a nice little place to hang out and chat with like minded people, join us!