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About me and we will having a lot Minecraft giveaway such as popular hypixel skyblock and so on :)

This is a discord server for anyone. New members totally welcome! Chat about video games to other more general topics.

Join for an ultimate roleplay experience!

We are here to create a realism server for our members to enjoy, We've reached our goal of 20 members, we're now going to start hosting sessions and our new goal is to get as many active people in our session as possible so this place can thrive.

play games and chill innit

AMazing TD is a deep strategy game that focuses on building mazes in a competitive Tower Defense gameplay. Every map have distinct randomized tiles, which makes every game different.

Come join our Animal Crossing discord server! You can make new friends, chat about ac related and non-ac related things, make trades, exchange turnip prices and more! Still a small channel but we stay active! (18+ please!!)

This server is an Area F2 mobile community where you can find a team only for European people.

Official Prestigious Gamers community, home to gamers around the world to network and talk about video games in general! We have a website as well

Read the long description it's better.

β•”β•β•β•Β°βˆ΄,β‹…βœ²β•β•γ€–βœ°γ€—β•β•βœ²β‹…,βˆ΄Β°β•β•β•β•— ✰ Hero No Izou ✰ A BNHA/MHA Role-play based in an AU. You're able to make your own quirks and characters. Come join to meet a full community of friendly people and role-play 50 years ahead of your own time! We hope you join!

βœ… Fun PokΓ©cord βœ… Great Community βœ… Very Active βœ… Friendly People βœ… Zombs Royal βœ… In-server currency! βœ… Free Weekly Giveaways! βœ… Collect enough currency to advertise your channel!

Fun place to chat, and meet knew people.

Welcome to Batsu-Batsu Kurabu! Literal translation is Wrong-Wrong Club, you may get the message. A cursed but friendly club offering: Gaming, live streams, events, juicy memes (if i must say) and more!

just a fun server lol. Argue with some people. Discuss interests, make friends ETC.