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Social, Gaming, Chill, Memes.

I group of hay day farmers feel free to join

+18 Roleplaying server for Dragon Prince series Come and join our server we are looking for DMs and players a-like. This RP takes place in alternate universe with more races than just humans and elves. Takes place right after King Harrowed died.

✩Winds Of Time ✩ A semi-lit semi-realistic 13+ warrior cats roleplay with interactive plot! ✩LGBTQA+ Friendly and Run ✩ 3 Unique Clans ✩ Detailed Territories ✩ Fun Creative Lore ✩ Friendly Community and Fair Staff !!HIGH RANKS AVAILABLE!!

This is a fantasy roleplay server!

Just put the link in the channel and you're good!

Grim is an international clan and is a very unique clan that values skill and being a tryhard as well as always improving upon your performance no matter what. And we do kr giveaways.

We are a server for gamers, we love games and talking about them. We have plenty of game related bots to enjoy. If you don't always want to talk about gaming don't worry, we have plenty of other channels for things such as movies and tv, comics, star wars

A server focused on uniting and inspiring

Welcome to our Lambo Civ Crew! We are a Grand Theft Auto 5 Squad and we want to make this as big as possible! And host big car meets and cruises and gang attacks and just a good fun time! Everyone is welcome! Invite your friends! All levels are welcome,

A fun roleplay server needing more members to get off the ground. We promise you a warm welcome and friendly staff!

Seeking a place to just chill out and relax? Anime Hub is all about community, anime, conversation and more! We have a wide variety of topics but we're always looking for suggestions from the community.

We are a chill place with not a lot of rules. If you are looking for a place to hang out and have freedom, join us.

We are the only true gang on discord. Join us and help us growing by joining. We have lots of channels and we keep adding more stuff. Why don't you take a look by yourself?

✧𝐶𝐵𝑇 𝐿𝑂𝑈𝑁𝐺𝐸✧ Come chill and chat with like-minded busters, sounders and stompers!