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This Group chat is pretty generic group chat, there are bots mods and more! There is swearing allowed on this group chat so if you don't like swearing then we will there is other channels on here where their aren't as much swearing on here!

Just a place where we talk Nintendo games and other things

One of the largest, fastest growing, and most positive RWBY communities out there!

This is a server where you can have fun and chill. But this is a server where you'll have a chance to be hired as staff and win giveaways. We even got some cool bots to play with. So what you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

Under construction...

Welcome! Ataraxia is a server dedicated to mental health & wellbeing. We have volunteers to handle support tickets & groups, as well as a variety of community tools such as Journalling, 24/7 radio, and Hobby Guilds.

just a fun server lol. Argue with some people. Discuss interests, make friends ETC.

Democratic Kingdom of Gamers, Memers and Artists is a country like discord server were we have an emperor, a prime minister, a parliament, political parties and many other! Join us if you want, everyone is welcome!

Under construction...

About me and we will having a lot Minecraft giveaway such as popular hypixel skyblock and so on :)

Welcome to Gamer Girls We're a fun, cozy gaming and loving community here for anybody looking to get away from the noise. Please wipe your feet before stepping in!

Under construction...

Hey there! Welcome to Eat_Me12345™'s Fan Club! Hope you enjoy your time here. Please read the rules and faq :)

Snap & fap is a diverse group of gay men who share nudes along with other things!

Official Prestigious Gamers community, home to gamers around the world to network and talk about video games in general! We have a website as well