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Fun community with channels that fill the needs of all different interests!

A loving home for everyone, we accepted everybody no matter what. We offer a friend to talk to, a community for almost any interest and always friends to play games with!

A BTS centered kpop and anime roleplay server for you to come and find partners! We offer fun bots, activities too and a nitro giveaway soon.

The TedKloap discord server, I am a content creator who regularly streams on twitch.

Looking for a friendly server where you can chat with nice people and staff? Looking for a server that is always changing and improving? Well, this is the place!

A chill server with loads of bots๐Ÿค–, admins, people๐Ÿง, โญ15 emotes, anime ๐ŸŽ‰, Gaming ๐ŸŽฎ and GIVEAWAYS!

This Group chat is pretty generic group chat, there are bots mods and more! There is swearing allowed on this group chat so if you don't like swearing then we will there is other channels on here where their aren't as much swearing on here!

One of the largest, fastest growing, and most positive RWBY communities out there!

A fun interactive server. Many bots, fun events, upcoming giveaways, and more!!! Enjoy!

About me and we will having a lot Minecraft giveaway such as popular hypixel skyblock and so on :)

Welcome to The Squad This is a place for streamers like myself and others to Collab or make content to share with a wider group, this server is to make friends and have fun, i hope you come and join my community, can't wait to meet you

A town that focuses on the amazing Dank Memer World! Join to trade, enter in giveaways and more! When we hit 100 members we are hosting a 500k giveaway so hurry up!

A fun server to hang out in.

Democratic Kingdom of Gamers, Memers and Artists is a country like discord server were we have an emperor, a prime minister, a parliament, political parties and many other! Join us if you want, everyone is welcome!

Official Prestigious Gamers community, home to gamers around the world to network and talk about video games in general! We have a website as well