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We focus on photography and art :) feel free to share what you have worked hard on!

☁️ 🌹 Hello cuties~! Welcome to our server called Lunar! We are a welcoming, wholesome and SFW community! This is a server where everyone stays comfy and loved~! Our server was meant to be created on AC and anime but it has expanded into something more!

When you join you are a guest we hope you become a family member! The fun beings with family!

Just a chill place to be to be honest :P

A town that focuses on the amazing Dank Memer World! Join to trade, enter in giveaways and more! When we hit 100 members we are hosting a 500k giveaway so hurry up!

Do you like avatar or want to meet different people? join us! -Multiple channels for you to talk in! -Many self assignable roles! -Lots of events for you to participate in! -This server is Avatar based, but you dont have to watch avatar to join

A gaming-community hang out. We play alot of games and do giveaways for games.

This is a small Minecraft community. We have a few Twitch streamers, and we chill with our followers/members. Almost all of our community is comfortable in voice channels, and active, so don't hesitate to hop in and join the fun! Come and vibe with us!

Welcome to Groovy Gaming DarkRP, We offer high-quality, innovative and exclusive content created by and for the passionate gaming community.

› For fun › CZ/SK only

Looking for a server to chill and have fun? Sick and tired of all the dating and inactive servers? Well you've come to the right place! Join vegas vibes for all the fun in the world!

heyo!~ anime cafe is a great place to meet friends, interact with bots, and grab a drink. we hope you will join and have fun!~

A great, bold place that offers digital goods and accounts with huge discounts! They have a "buy 4 u" program which they will buy an item for you at 45% of the price. I have used them to buy gifts and essentials, and they are great!

⭐ *Welcome to 𝓜𝓮𝔀’𝓼𝓒𝓵𝓾𝓮’𝓼*! ⭐ A fun games of all kinds server along with a place to chill and listen to music with your friends :3 🎁 Join us now what are you waiting 🎁 🔗 https://tenor.com/view/your-lie-in-april-kaori-gif-6241141

₊˚๑ we are a friendly, open minded growing community that loves newcomers, We welcome people from all over the world!

Before Us All, or BUA, is a post-apocalyptic roleplay based in Germany 50 years into the future. Nuclear warfare ravaged the planet and wiped out the human population completely. It is here that man's best friend becomes the new top predator.