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Coding World is a server for programmers to come together and learn new things.

Introducing you to NeoLyte, the place where Discord bot developers can show off their creations!

Server dedicated to Teaching and Learning Hacking (Information Security). We have experienced professionals ready to help you, alongside a community of very nice people from all skill-levels that you can talk to.

We help our members strip the fat off the whales in the finance industry. We are dedicated to making sure everyone has access to cutting-edge financial analytics and news. Our server is equipped with a multitude of bots that send stock/SPAC notifications.

Welcome to the official discord server discord bot "Captain Hook"! Surely you have not just visited us, apparently you have any problems using our bot? We will help solve your problems, be patient. We hope for your adequate behavior and honesty.

We are a (very small) community of friendly gamedevs that love to join game-jams and help each other with projects (and spaghetti code) Join us to be part of a meaningful community. Coding, design, pixel-art, and 3d-modeling are just some of our passions.

The Blitz server is a welcoming and nice community for everyone. Built around the entire Blitz discord bot we are sure you will be welcome! Hang out with all of the awesome members we have and chat about almost everything. Whats not to love?

A server for programmers who are interested in socializing with like-minded people. You can ask for coding help or help out others. Events such as coding competitions are hosted frequently.

Official discord server for

Science majors, Scientists, and traders working together in a discord server. Developing algorithms and AI to trade the markets.

Hey there! We are coders alike! We are rapidly growing. We are chill laid back and fun. We also can help with anything tech related. Stop by for some fun!

This group is created to push and increase the price of different specific Cryptocurrencies, this happens when our members collectively makes a purchase on a single coin. Join early for upcoming rewards :)

Discord Server free bot generator link it trying to generate a v*aild link

Bot yapmayı öğrenmek isteyenler doğru yere geldiniz, en iyi BDFD ve DBD.js kodlarını buradan alabilirsiniz

The server where everyone has his place. Learn new things, discuss with pros, know more about the future by discovering new subjects, fixing bugs with pros developers... and get to know engineers!