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Hello there! we are a community focussed around programming the perfect place to come together with people or get support with coding

Meryt is a new type of user friendly, reputation-based DeFi protocol - which values effort and skill as equal to wallet size, empowering a meritocratic society.

A community for Java developers

Join Midnight Community today! Helpful and friendly community, tons of free software & more!

We're a server focused on gamedev. We aim to create a community where people can help and learn from each other!

We are a coding community for learning and getting help with your coding issues, like - Python, Java, C++, C#, Go, JavaScript, VB, and SQL-Database. ✌We also help with your coding homework assignments, and some Computer Science questions.✌

This Server is Rebuild and now we have channels and feeds for Games or other things just pick up your Roles in the channel #self-roles and enjoy this Server chat with other user, become invite rewards, events, Bots and all this you want to chat on Discord

Team Noxious is a community of highly experienced hackers/coders who are ready, willing, and eager to help you learn coding and hacking. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

PYTAJ | DYSKUTUJ | POMAGAJ, CZUJĄC SIĘ SWOBODNIE! Serwer dla wszystkich nastoletnich entuzjastów programowania, lub szeroko pojętej informatyki.

A friendly programming server that is open to individuals of any skill level or walk of life.

Join our cracking server with over 1.8k members! Get FREE configs, combos, methods, tools, proxies, accounts, and more! Beginner Friendly :)

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