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Welcome to Takru Otaku Village Are you an otaku if you are then this server is just for you

hello, in this server we offer you great methods , generators and other great products..you can even promote your own store here!! if you have special requests you can ask if we have it and we can sell them to you!

24 discord server


A server for chatting about the wonderful television show that is Twenty-Four, which ran from 2001 - 2014 and which might get a revival.

Under construction...

Hello, I have made a new server with talkative and friendly people. Our server focuses on clash of clans, such as clan advertisements, layouts, tips, and a great community! If you don't play clash of clans, that does not matter!

Kingdom Alerias is a community server dedicated to writing, roleplay and development of your characters! It centers around kingdom life mainly.

A merry band of internet veterans reminiscing about when the internet was good

Have you joined a stock group and the alerts have cost you money and time? They give you little to no insight into the alerts they call out and you are expected to invest? That is gambling that is not investing. We are here to help build a team.

Just one of those Hangout Server.

This server is always active and full of fun people! We have lots of Bots and Stickers so you're never bored! We are currently only welcoming new members that are under 20.

Looking for a fancy place to advertise your Discord Server? Come one come all to Magic Discord Growth Channels for finding Discord servers to join! Channels for advertising your Discord Server!

We're a welcoming server for Femboys who want a Daddy or a Mommy and vice versa

We're a group of guys who just love to chill and share memes. Join to vc and play video games together

Animelove is a server not only Italian but global, everyone can come and have fun with your friends, chill, anime, gaming, other. What are you waiting for? give a look, maybe you will not regret.

🔶 Growing Community 🔶 Mature Staff 🔶 Welcoming 🔶 Ranks 🔶 5+ Entertainment Bots 🔶 NSFW Channel & Bot 🔶 Custom Emotes 🔶 Strict Rules 🔶 Non-Toxic Environment 🔶 Music & Gaming 🔶 Memes