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Helix - a cutting edge, anonymized, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency.

For those who are isolated, housebound, agoraphobic, reclusive or hermetic.

For the discussion of veganism, antinatalism, efilism, misanthropy, antispeciesism, depressive realism, pessimism, and pro-mortalism

We run interactive adventures, come here and read up, make suggestions or just lounge and chill!(you can even run your own adventure)

Bem-vindo ao Wind Officer. Somos uma nova comunidade nos estágios iniciais, procurando novos membros e funcionários. Se você quer ser parte de algo novo e ajudá-lo a crescer, junte-se agora! Embarque em uma jornada de aventura e criatividade!

A very friendly community, we are welcoming to *all* members and we hope to soon hold events! we play games and chat, we dont have strict rules, a place where anyone can be themselves! Come join!

A socialising and dating server for discord. Features in our server: 🤖 A lot of fun bots. ❤ Dating :3 🎉 Friendly staff. 🔞 NSFW _To be made soon. 😉_ And a lot more...

Welcome to The Lounge. We are a new community in the early stages

✔ 500+ Partner Managers and higher from all around! ✔ 100% Non-Toxic listings! Completely reviewed! ✔ Interest based listing channels with partners!

-▷ Mature Community! -▷ Variety of Nudes! -▷ 20+ Meme Chats! -▷ Lots of Porn!

Hey! We're here to chill out. So just Chill Out, Man! Talk, play games, discuss tv shows, talk sports, make new friends, and much more! Join us! :)

We are a anime sever. A place that meets to discuss, show, and promote anime in a community.

═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════ Ownership, Coding and Development Community Informational channels available! 120+ Tested bots for display! ═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════

**Game Bots! Music! Memes!** ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ ✔Auto-Moderation! ✔Anti-Raid! * Pokemon Gyms and Badg

- ✿ 🌺Anime⚔Empire™🌺 is a well moderated Discord server, in which you will meet new people and have fun with what we have to offer.