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β‡’ ˗ˏˋ This is my youtube discord server for my channel MoonLiteCookie! This is a Gacha/Art server where you can have fun and make new friends! ࿐ྂ

A SFW hang out for everyone into gaming, kpop, and chatting!

A Naruto roleplay server that's chill and cool.

This is a Twitch streamer support server mostly to help Non-Affiliates get viewers and build their communities in the process. If you are active and support the Discord community, you will be shown support in return.

Β· Lustige und tolle Community, mit vielen netten Leuten Β· Ziemlich ruhiger Chat, der aber ziemlich abgehen kann Β· Eigener Bot zum Zeitvertreib und austesten Β· Musikchannel und eigenen 24/7 Bot, um entspannt jederzeit Musik hΓΆren zu kΓΆnnen

Suomalainen PokΓ©mon Unite yhteisΓΆ!

we are a fun small gaming community we play games like minecraft valorant osu and other games like that!

This is a hangout server that is complete chaos. You can talk about whatever you want, meet people, shoot the shit, you can do all of that, without any burden.

A D&D/Chatting/Gaming server. Just some nice people wanting to talk and grow. Music, events, and funny gaming moments here.

i need friends- anyways. what do we have? A lot of bots! and some cool people. basically just chat. im very lonely.

We have Mario games and animal crossing related chats! Come join and make some new friends!

Join our server with tons of fun bots to play all sorts of games in many genres!

SCP: Rangers takes place in the FICTIONAL, SCP universe. It is located in Site-65, in the county of [REDACTED], Canada. Work at the facility or raid it and free the SCPs. Join our communications server for more!

We're a new server looking for people to have a fun time with! We're pretty laid back, and are always looking forward to meeting you! Hop in if you feel like it! I guarantee you'd have a time you won't be able to forget!