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A server for enthusiasts and soon-to-be supporters of chillout music.

Discord's #1 music and reggae server, with exclusive features and a safe space to hang out. Join us today!

A chill server for you to come and hang out in! (STAFF NEEDED)

--- Join in a community with other like minded producers! --- This EDM community offers: βœ… Free samples βœ… Free Presets βœ… Free plugins βœ… Promotion channel βœ… DAW Specific channels Need advice or have a question? We have a channel for that.

Official Davie504 Fan Server! If you like Bass,Memes or Music. You'll love this server. It has caring and welcoming members. Giveaways for almost everything.

Just a friendly, and chill & laidback music server to chat in. Come Join!

This is a friendly and active community where you can make new friends, take part in our games nights and chill! We all have one common interest which is Twenty One Pilots (or any music, not just them!) Everybody is welcome!

A server for KatyCats, or Katy Perry fans.

Chord Overdrive is a server where you can practice your singing or instruments! We host events regularly, in which you can participate to "level up" in skill level! We still have a growing user-base, so feel free to join!

music circlejerk is a server focused in music talk. everyone's allowed (except furries and lolicons). join and enjoy your stay!

cute aesthetic growing socializing/music discord server for those w 0 social skills, ppl who suck at socializing, are lonely, struggle to make friends, have disorders, dont fit in, are bored or just wanna talk to ppl who can relate 2 them!

This channel is used to share all related soundcloud links, artists or producers, to music. And that includes DJs for podcasts and radio shows. Also, any events relating to a live stream. It to help undiscovered talent around the world.

Hey! Do you consider yourself to have crack head energy and really enjoy music? Well this server is perfect for you we have a really fun environment and active members who will make you feel welcome and comfortable. We're all music nerds here!

the server that never sleeps! we're currently trying to grow our server to bring more events to the partyzone!

Server for metalheads by metalheads, non elitist friendly admins 18+

For all your idol/band hell needs!