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All Welcome. Good Vibes. PLUR. Join Us! EDM. Trance. Industrial. Dubstep. DNB. Synthwave. And more!

Neo Tokyo is dedicated to Outrun/Cyberpunk and 80s/Synthwaves music scene. And the aesthetic of fast cars and neon lights.

Discord's #1 music and reggae server, with exclusive features and a safe space to hang out. Join us today!

A discord Metal Server that has Metal Associated Mini Games such as show booking and soon a lyric based mini game, there are also a lot of channels for your opinions and a generally relaxed environment

hiya! welcome to hangout discord! >w< our server is new, so it's pretty dead, needing you to come and talk with us! owo

A server for KatyCats, or Katy Perry fans.

A server for people that want to chill, meet new people, and talk. And for everyone who likes totinos

Chord Overdrive is a server where you can practice your singing or instruments! We host events regularly, in which you can participate to "level up" in skill level! We still have a growing user-base, so feel free to join!

Fans of Justin Bieber.

This server is all about thrash metal and any metal. We are trying to grow and become a socially active server where we can do what we want and make friends.

Server for metalheads by metalheads, non elitist friendly admins 18+

This is a discord server for mainly people who can take a joke! Mostly a chill server and we are joking towards each other. Gotta be at least 15 and up. There are no rules and you must be active!!! (mainly in the evening) Based in California.

Cheap spotify upgrade! Lifetime premium!

--- Join in a community with other like minded producers! --- This EDM community offers: ✅ Free samples ✅ Free Presets ✅ Free plugins ✅ Promotion channel ✅ DAW Specific channels Need advice or have a question? We have a channel for that.

This server is all about meeting new people and sharing memes and listening to music and playing video games in general we're just a community trying to grow and learn new things.