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A fun community server !

Welcome ツ ➢ Talk about Aliens👽 and UFOs! ➢ Share your Expiriences! ➢ We accept every opinion! ➢ Nice Community! ➢ Custom Emojis! ➢ Selfroles! ---additenial-topic-chats--- #german #coding #gaming #politics

💖 We're a wholesome little community with tons of events, competitions, and giveaways! We have a fun new theme every month, and we're completely SFW and 13+! Staff applications and partnerships are open as well 💖

A crypto promoting community for everyone! for advertisers, for currencies audiences and for business people

Casa Utopia is a friendly, non-judgemental community for people suffering from mental health issues to make friends and relieve all that excess emotional baggage. No haters allowed, join to find your kinda utopia ✨

Discord Advertising Central is a server where you can advertise to 40+ Channels and More! Active members, a great staff community, and fun channels! We hope to be the best advertising community out there but this is the start of our brand new server!

Hello! Welcome to the server! How are you? The server is a friendly place! And safe. We love to hang out with our members

In short we are a Cryptocurrency pump group where all sorts of members from all sorts of places join up to push a target coin/token all at the same time so we can collectively profit.

The best trading discord out there!!

boost us boost us boost us! make sure to read the rules and welcome channel, inv your friends, stay active, make new friends, n have fun <33

❛Living does not mean thinking only of yourself. You can also live in a way that someone else's happiness makes you happy. ❜

Gunzodus Advertising Are you looking to GROW your discord server? well, stop searching! you've found the right place. Join with us now!

this is a hangoyt for all your friends so help us to get more members

The Leftists of Tomorrow was created to communicate, socialize, educate, and learn with members of like-minded ideologies. Although this server is mainly for leftists and teaching others about the left/far-left, we're open to centrists and liberals.

📚 Easy Chegg Expert/Textbook/Video Answers CHEGG | COURSEHERO | GRAMMARLY | QUILLBOT | SCRIBD