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Welcome to The Hangout! This server is all about making friends, having a chat, and to have some fun.

A currently small-ish server for mainly furry artists, but allows non-furries that are accepting to their interests.

The greatest fandom discord in existence! Come by, make new friends and see why over 3,000 people chose us!

Vibes is a small server made for people to express there opinions and be themselves! We offer low-moderation and freedom of speech!

Hi! Welcome to my gacha server, we're a small server with fun bots, music, good moderation, and more!

A closed species art rpg based on Amourim! Amourim are created by kiingpink on dA, find out more in their group: https://www.deviantart.com/amourim/

Paradise Roleplay: the all-new ultimate realistic roleplaying experience! Join today and find out why so many people love our community.

You're looking for a chill furry server that has a bit of everything? Then the Furry Pantheon might be the place for you :3

✨Voted the #1 Minecraft server in the world✨ ✨Daily Nitro giveaways✨ ✨Mc.CosmicMc.Net✨

safe space for rats & rat appreciators

Just an average furry server

Welcome to ☕ Isabelle's Cafè ☕ We are a furry Server where we focus on positivity and good vibes ^^

A very active 13+ therian, furry and pro-LGBT server welcoming those from all walks of life. We host movie nights, gaming events and roleplay!

Just a welcoming community for any and all fandoms!

A Place For Furries is a friendly furry server! We are open to LGBT, The Furry Fandom, Non-furries, and more! We love to draw, cosplay, fursuit, talk, and much more. Feel free to join!

A furry discord server made for people to hangout and chat in.