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your mental health will improve here!!

Mooncake is a fresh community server for artists and more! » a group of friendly & supportive members » entirely SFW & drama-free » platform to share your work & meet new friends » clean layout & organization » fancy self-roles

Are you looking for a server that has both SFW and NSFW role-plays, while also having a social and active community? Well come join ~|The RP Corner|~! We’re a SFW/NSFW Role-Play community that’s looking for new and experienced role-players alike!

✧・゚Starry Paradise・゚✧ is a server that is made for readers like you and me! Wherever we come from, we have a thing in common: We like to take out some of our precious time to read Manhwa! Here, you will find many people like you and many recommendations,

💜Welcome to the Graphic Center!💜 What we offer: ✅ Professional content (VFX/GFX) ✅Custom Bot for requests ✅ Lessons for members ✅ Help with your edits/designs

꒰꒰ 🌸🌿﹕ Wholesome, SFW, Cutesy and Friendly Community!~ ໑ ‧₊ 🍧 Floral and Japanese themed! <3 💤 .,゚・:*。˚୧

Here you will find an angels and demons RP with original lore. The lore was made 10 years ago, but has been revived as a discord RP server. We're a brand new server, looking for more members to grow the community into a vibrant host of characters!

On this server I am here to help you start earning money and crypto online. Also, you can chat with others about earning money/crypto online.

Welcome to book rant! Here we rant about books! if its book or writing-related, it's us! Book rant is a server made for people with an interest in writing and reading. Whether you like to write poems or read J.R.R Tolken books this is the place for you!

Salam Pengetahuan bagi kita semua! Kami adalah Discord Ruang Pengetahuan, di sini kalian bisa menemukan fakta unik seputar pengetahuan, meme, dan juga hiburan lainnya! Yuk bergabung bersama kami di Discord Ruang Pengetahuan!

Games, Anime, Movies & MORE

🔧🔩 Final Stage is an Automotive-related server. Choose role(s) that define you, chat with other enthusiasts, showcase your builds, ask for help from experienced enthusiasts, level up, post gorgeous cars, and most importantly, learn.

✯ Shinseina World ✯ A Roleplay Fantasy World With Modern Technology And Medieval Culture Where You Can Carve Your Own Path!

ES is a Satanic server, though open for everyone who wishes to learn about this religion or occult.

Spank-TRA-ViZiON is C * L * E * A * R * E * R vizion

⚔️ Roleplay Server ⚔️ Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Adventure ⚔️ Semi-Literate to Literate ⚔️ Lite D&D Mechanics ⚔️ A dark, mysterious kingdom awaits you. ⚔️ Be as Creative as you want. ⚔️ We hope you join us on this adventure! ⚔️