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A place where everyone gets to chill and hangout and talk about anything they like!

We are an minimalistic, casual art server that caters to all types of media. (Writing, photography, crafts, etc) We also banter about. You'd probably like us.

Hijinks is a prank call discord server dedicated to all things prank related. Primary focused on prank calls, our bot has a 24/7 prank call archive, live show alerts, and an RSS feed filled with the videos of both known and upcoming prank callers.

Are you an artist, writer, editor, or someone who just wants to make a web-comic? We did a critique, daily challenges, free and paid commissions and much more!

The Otherlands | A multifandom literate styled rp server set in an original dark fantasy land inspired by dark children's fantasy films and books! The server is small, but feel free to browse around!

Dedicated community for painters, designers, musicians and everyone

A small, friendly community focused on sharing and improving various literature made by members. Exclusive concept: Daily short stories prompts based on a brand new word everyday!

The official Shibe Bot support and chat server! Add the bot as well! https://discordbots.org/bot/454379401279176706

Cynosure Roleplay is a server committed to more than roleplay. We're looking for authors, artist, gamers and content creators alike. This is a safe, well-structured place with a welcoming community. Feel free to join us and free your creative mind!

Ayksa Laboratory is server for discord bot.

Welcome~ This is a community dedicated to spirituality, astrology, witchcraft, and the occult just to name a few. It's also a small art community for artists. Join if you'd like~

EndLess is a server where you can share your projects / discord servers. We have more than 1400 members, so your content have a very good visibility.

You earn money by inviting people, that's cool, right? We'd love to see you there!

Come Make Friends And Be Yourself Here! Weekly Events, Custom Bot, and more!

In a land, Where ships and visiting other planets is mainstream, something is still wrong.. and has been wrong.. Come live in the System of Sietynas.

You will be at home here in the Lost n Bannedâ„¢ if you are a: writer, singer, rapper, mixer, producer, streamer, gamer, developer, techno-freak, intelligent, crazy, or just a black sheep with no place to go.