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Weed Emoji's Nothing more nothing less just green emoji's

A one of a kind, wholesomely driven and masterfully aesthetic community. A relaxing, authentic experience awaits!

Friendly active server that'll help you advertise your servers, bots & social media advertising! We do partnerships & we even have emojis!

The official Discord meme server! The server is censorship-free. If you consistently post quality memes you will achieve higher ranks with more benefits! The Server is very active. Rules: Do not spam.

At "To The Moon" Trade calls you will receive every option/stock that I play daily. I typically play 1-2 option calls/puts each day, and strive for 20-300% returns on each option trade!!

Hello there! Welcome to the Little Forest CafΓ©! Our server is just a place to chat and chill. Please come join us for a cup of coffee and some cake~

`-Just good old chit chat. Lounges and VC both equally active.` `-People that genuinely care about you and go out of their way.` `-This is a wholesome friendly server so if you’re feeling lonely or down, you can come here and befriend us!`

In the High Realm of Shitposts, we offer the dankest of memes. Most of the time anyways LOL. We are a growing community server that is looking for active Discordians like YOU! Join over three hundred other users in making our server one of the dankest!!

Static Space is a community for artists, designers, musicians etc where we share our work and inspire each other.

⭐Welcome! ⭐ This is a wholesome discord server that is full of wonderful people that strive to create a welcoming and loving environment for all those like to join! Don’t be afraid to join us, bby!! We’ll be sure to give you a warm welcome!

Welcome to Advertising Boat! We have: πŸ’¬ 50+ channels for you to advertise your own server or social media! πŸ“ˆ A growing community! πŸŽ‰ Giveaways! 🀝 Partners! πŸ”’ A counting channel! 🌈 Self assignable roles! 🌱 Growth tips Join, it’s free!

β•°---β–Έ MAFU γƒžγƒ• ˎ ́- ━━━━━━ ୨˚୧ β”β”β”β”β‹†Λšβ‚Šβ‹†*Mafu β‹†Λšβ‚Šβ‹†β”β”β”β” ୨˚୧ ━━━━━━ γ€Ž ΚšΙžΛšβ‚Š Welcome to Mafu γƒžγƒ•, we are a NEW and completely SFW server, with a friendly environment that does not tolerate any of the bad stuff like toxic users or abuse of powers!

-Very chill, relaxing, and accepting. -Artist support, art resources, feedback, Bot channels, event nights -Just good old chit chat. Lounges and VC both equally active. -People that genuinely care about you and go out of their way.

πŸ”—Fun bots (Countr, Groovy, Tatsumaki, and more). πŸ”—Events for anyone to participate in. πŸ”—35+ Self Roles πŸ”—Many active members to chat with. πŸ”—People that have issues like PTSD, Depression, etc.

The Furry Clan is a chatroom where Furries can learn, grow, get inspirations and ideas, and make friends with people who have a common interest to theirs.

An art server for tradtional and digital artists. If you draw write or heck even take photography this is the server for you.