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Just a nice a calm place to relax, play with pokémon or talk with other people. Join some giveaways and play some games with others, this is your place to chill out!

Hello!! we are a small server and would love for you to join. The Game Master is almost always active so its getting updated almost everyday!!! We hoe to see you there!!

Um, just read the long description, even though it isn't that long.

Hey everyone this is a group for Escape from Tarkov players to find other Rats to camp extracts with and make everyone's lives better.

Come and join and get to know people spread out across the world! Make yourself known to us and make an impression. We recently just started this, so looking for some active people.

Hej!!! min ven og jeg har starter en FiveM server op det er ikke vores første gang! så vi har erfaring og ting og tilbyde.

❄️Wir sind ein kleiner Discord Server voll mit netten Leuten❄️ 🌈Der Server ist ein sicherer Ort für Leute der LGBTQ+ Community🌈 💬Haben fast den ganzen Tag zeit zum Zocken/Talken/schreiben💬 💻Wir haben viele verschiedene Bots💻 🎮Sehr Aktiv in Rainbow

among us server specially for Indian players.

We welcome you to a Brand new Server We have bots such as Pokemeow,Anigame, Ramen, Dank meme bot, Tatsu, and more Its still a work in progress so y'all are going to need to give suggestions if you have any in the chat

This is a server focused mainly on cryptocurrencies, smart trading, algorithmic trading.

It's a small community that will focus on having a lively friendly environment Hopefully we'll be able to accomplish just that

Well feel free to Introduce yourself, open for all new comers as well as existing ones too if you like, tips & ideas on anything like games, music, bout life, (if you want to share). just chill and talks

Dark Haven is a gaming hub for players of any games to hang out. Enjoy your stay, make friends, and have fun!


looking for fun people to talk/game with lmao