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Hey Ohm.. I Am Daniel And i Would Like You To join Please. I Hope This Server Grows And I Would Like You To join In The Journey

Welcome To our Dark Groove Café Community. Press Join to join our server. We are based on Roblox. We have developed a working Café in Roblox Studio.

Stock market , learn the market . Invest .

A Discord Server For Jojo Games On Roblox, We combine other jojo games into one big server, We follow every rule on every game possible

Join our friendly server ^^

The Official Y O D A Empire

A perfect discord gaming server

This server is for all artists! It is a place where you can connect with other artists and get new idea for your next art-piece!

🇨🇵Rejoignez se serveur hentai francais🇨🇵

This Discord server is for anyone who has a interest in helicopters. Anyone is allowed to join and enjoy the helicopter related talk!

We are a JoJo Server with JoJo emotes and channels for different languages to talk about JoJo's

juts chill and hear music any time 24 7 here

This is the Chilling Lounge. You can play Minecraft or even other games. JOIN NOW!!!

Welcome to the gulag

Our server is a great place to chill, talk about anything, and meet new people. This is an 18+ server.

A Server to show you how to Build, upgrade, and overclock your PC