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The Bench is a gaming, dating and social server. We are a relatively new server and I hope you come visit us!

Hangout Server, with loads to do! We have an active team, members and more. Some of the things we have are: - Giveaways - Custom Roles - Identity Roles (pronouns etc.) - Weekly Quizzes - Much more!

♡ New community ♡: ~ Find new people to talk to and vibe with! ~ A lot of self roles and more💞 ~ Share stuff you like 🥰 ~ Make new friends and, whatnot, find a new partner ❤ ~ 13+ ~ Full of lovely people and act

We are a new, social, dating server open to those 13 and up! However, there is an NSFW section for the older users. :) There are movie nights hosted every Saturday! We hunt catfishes.

uhm hello i hope you get this but welcome to the gates this place is to run and hide and to to new people also meet some creatures🥰

This is a new gaming community to make friends, list your mods, play with new people, share your thoughs and ideas, and more!

An international server for Egyptians and foreigners alike

We're a new Community Server hoping to grow and bring people together with a focus of including everyone!

Community and Information regarding OS X on x86 hardware and macOS. We offer users a place to trade and share information about OSx86 Hackintosh Systems and Builds and the various hardware needed to run it.

We're exhilarated to have you here 𝓋𝒾𝒷𝒾𝓃𝑔 with us! We offer server currency, dedicated moderators, selective roles, purchasable colors, and much more! With movie nights, games, active members, fun channels, you'll never be bored!

Efsane Güzel Kodlarıyla BotListiyle Botunuzu Güzelleştirebilecek 1 Sunucu

Extremely Active Server for Price Errors, Freebies, Copping, Sneakers, Monitoring and much more!

Hello there! My server is dedicated to gaming, so if you enjoy such things, drop in!

Persian Gaming Community

Hey! Little Monsters (Gaga Fans) This is a new community for us to chat. This chat generally focuses on Gaga topics, but you can talk about anything you’d like!

Here at System Estates, our server gives help and support to anyone who needs help or wants to know more about DID. We are part of a loving and accepting community where everyone's voices are heard! Singlets (people without systems) are welcome as well!