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13+/ for anyone who wants to join a nice community of people to game with, we have games anywhere from rainbow six siege to Roblox and were always adding more to talk about and mess around with. Partnering servers are always welcome!

Free Discord bot hosting where your bot is online 24/7! No bugs that we know of and have a very high rating!

A fun Femboy Hangout for all races,genders,and sexualities! We have: -fun bots -kind members -a ton of roles -well programmed bot to protect against raids -a kind, honest staff !!!! JOIN NOW !!!!

Welcome to my server where you can freely chat and do alot more.

I love you, join for cookie ;)

A tiny new economy server to play in.

Asteria is a small community willing to accept newcomers to join us on different games such as Among Us, Minecraft, Warframe and many more! We are also talking about real life, music, animes, anything basically. Feel free to join us!

The Million #DeFi Homepage - Own a piece of #DeFi history! ✅

This is a small-ish discord server for people to hang out and meet new people.

Le bar est un discord chill communautaire pour faire des rencontre et autre ! Venez sur le discord pour donné vos avis et dire que ajouté !

Hydration, Trying-to-be active community, Custom bots! Join our chill server

This server is for non-toxic Gacha Life/Club fans. This is a new server, so everyone I meet will be new. I hope to have fun, share our ocs and chat with the users that join. There is only one channel which has NSFW.

The time of hand claiming nitros is over, there is a new age of nitro snipers and I am here to sell one. I have been given resell rights by the coder of the application and have been permitted to sell here as they use other forums sites.

Join us at Tales of The Swords Coast We are a 5e DnD Discord server with a 24/7 roleplaying world set in the city Baldurs Gate, with stories stretching up and down the Sword Coast as well as Faerun at large.

Chat, talk, listen to music! Funs friends here. Created by: CubeScars https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCirtqCdN_v7xiXDu3DOVsSw