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A Server for gamers to get together on a vc and get straight to a lobby, We also influence anime as a opic HiHi

Hi and welcome to Poketrade's! here you can quite literaly TRADE pokemon tcg cards and listen to music! (but not only pokemon talk)

.Hentai/lewd posting (18+ only) .English speaking server .Comfy + cozy

A Fun Server with semi-active members for lot's of fun!

Scylla Gaming was founded on April 10, 2013. We've grown to a Chill Multi-Gaming community that Love to Game and Rage together!

Need help with a homework assignment? Interested in volunteering to tutor others? FREE tutoring for all K-12 coursework! Provides support for AP and IB classes! College advice & scholarship database! JOIN NOW!

Genshin Impact Gaming Server

The friendly interactive discord server, pokemon, idle miner, music commands, etc...

A programming server

Do you need a friend? Well this is the place to be! A friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.


🤩Daily trade alerts netting +20% ON AVERAGE each day for our members! 💵We tell you exactly WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy, and when to SELL. 💰A team of experienced traders is always available to help beginners!

Want to Find Yur Community? Well yur in the right place. Despite the spelling errors, this server is great place to find a community or promote anything. We offer a friendly community and ways for your community/server/content to actually get noticed.

Welcome to Furtasia, A community for anyfur of any age! An active and friendly community with a team of experienced mods. This server offers something for everyone and is always looking for new ideas. We hope you enjoy your stay in furtasia