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The Official Y O D A Empire

A brand new erp server to meet friends and have fun.

MAI discord server


A group of gamers were you can always find people to chill with play with and have someone to talk to!

**New** server dedicated to gaming, movies and music. There’s also a channel for NSFW pics. Join us and help us grow!

Free Nitro Giveaways For All every day HIGH STOCK

We're a community server that is themed around the cartoon character Patrick Star! We are a welcoming community that loves to talk and make new friends together.

A group of people coming together from different platforms and different games, sharing a common interest and love for games! All are welcome to join our community who will accept you with open arms!

Yet Another Emote Server. Emoji fun!

among us server specially for Indian players.

hot female owner egirl & eboy server 2:1 egirl to eboy ratio active chat with little to no rules

a server for Bakugo kinnies and simps! also for normal mha fans!

Welcome! we are a fairly chilled back server with different rooms for different topics! we welcome all ages (16+) who are just wanting to have fun and hang out with others!

E Community is a gaming server where we have everything and if you feel like it needs something then you can also suggest using /suggest (suggestion) and a staff member will try to get it in the server (exept if it's stupid)

a small server in where a group of people get along to play among us.

This discord server is meant for planning discussions and talking with our supporters about About our YouTube channel