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Alt + F4 is a friendly, fun, discord server, where you can just chill out, Talk and Game

non-toxic community very often giveaways trade and shops owned by individuals and many more

Calling in all our otaku friends <3 Join our server to make and interact with people all over the world of the same interest!!

18+ SFW social server. We are a friendly and inclusive community. Join us to make new friends, play games and chill ♡

Welcome to GreenVille RolePlay, we are a discord server based on a Roblox game called 'GreenVille' and we roleplay on that. We are active and host sessions frequently, we also have multiple job offers which you can choose. 50 members = giveaway!

Learning Google What is Learning Google? Learning Google is a server specifically for helping people understand and learn all the cool unknown and complicated features.

The Reef is a server for all the book and music lovers out there! Just like a reef, we embrace diversity but are a community no matter what. Join for socialization, discussion, and study help!

to binge-watch anime, talk about K-pop, Talk about J-pop, and play games with other server members

The Beehive Hangout is a place where you can meet new people, and you can bond over hobbies, come join the fun and make friends! We are LGBTQ+ Friendly and we are welcoming of everyone. Our goal is to get more people so you can have more fun!

Hangout Make some friends play some games watch some movies

A server where we discuss everything skincare, beauty or makeup related. Focussed on Instagram creators, but having an IG page related to beauty is not mandatory to join.

Hello and welcome to Ottoman Empire Hangout and Chat Club,this is the place where you can meet nice people and chat,make new friends and more! We have our own emojis

- Nederlandse Community - Actieve VC - Actieve Chat - Vriendelijke leden & staff - Server Evenementen - Muziek Avonden - Kies welke rollen het beste bij jouw passen om zo de Xeam Discord server beter te personaliseren!

just chill and chat

If you love getting hella bitches and infinite pussy you will join this server. Scientifically proven to add 3+ inches to penis length. You will secure the juice and the bag if you join Slug Gang. EZ Clap

This server is for FNAF/five nights at freddy's fans! we also support the LGPTQ+ community!