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A friendly server to make friends, chat, and mess around with bots

================= ★Free roles★ ================= ★Memes★ ================= ★Music★ ================= ★Gaming★ ================= ★Interactive things★ ================= ★Vibing★ ================= ★Chilling★ =================

A server for Fall Guys wagers. Join the discord today and start wagering!

Anyone is welcomed to join and have fun! Make sure to be nice to others and if you have any questions don't be afraid to contact me or any of the admins.

We are discord bot devs, whether you like playing with bots or like to have fun with friends, this server would be for you. If you are making your own bot you could also join and take advice. And you could see how to make your own bot in discord.

Lol please join this server. We are a friendly community that is slowly growing. We are very active. We have great admins that make sure the server is running smoothly. We have many fun bots. We love seeing new people come by.

V12 discord server


a chill community server.

If you are a fan of Futurama and animation in general, this server is perfect for you!

We do roleplay on Xbox for gta. We accept all ages and be nice and friendly.

We use programming to launch and land rockets within kerbal space program!

Vgame Hub is a growing discord community with a bunch of members who play Valorant, Fortnite, RL, FNAF, LoL, Among Us, and more. We are planning on hosting cash tournaments very soon!

This is a newly created Fortnite clan we are just a clan for Fortnite right now.

welcome to luvsick! we offer a sfw aesthetic server for you, our server is pretty new, but we have a few friendly members and admins! `🌷`this is a sweet pink themed aesthetic server! mainly for socialising etc. u can expect organised categories .

A Youtuber, Who created a Server, which is growing- Not so fast... Lets start again :P A Youtuber, Who has less then 100 subs (FOR NOW, lol) who created a server who is growing, Not very quick :( BUT halp PLS!! We need more members

Krocząc samotnie ciemną uliczką, napotykasz tajemniczą postać. Nie widzisz twarzy, lecz słyszysz głos, który przemawia do Ciebie: -Witaj, nazywają mnie Prorokiem. Widzę, że samemu kroczysz drogą gier wieloosobowych. Przytakujesz.

Welcome to the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy! On this server, we have many things to do, like Role-play, Food Battles, Read Manga/ Watch the anime of Food Wars, Join different Clubs or even the Council of Ten! And much more. This server is still fresh and bran