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An uplifting and positive place where Christians can make friends and have fun. Besides discussing Christian life and the Bible, we have Movie Nights, Anime Nights, and Game Nights. Come join us!

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Come relax, chat, play games, make friends, do absolutely nothing, or anything else you would like in this aesthetic, chill server! :3

This is a verse where creativity has no bounds - where you learn to work together through adversity, where both illustrators and writers alike can have artistic freedom, and most importantly: to make lasting friendships within a warm, welcoming community.

Floof Nest is a place that is home to friendly furs that love to chat, share and have fun. Join now to make new friends and see what we have to offer ! we'll be waiting for you on the other side 💖

we are a group of gamers trying to make a non toxic community are owner is a Xbox Ambassdor and a windows advisor all are staff are fully trained in tech and can answer any questions you may have, we host weekly movie nights and gamin tourdements.

We are a small community server hoping to grow, we have bots and sometimes game nights we welcome everyone.

Roleplay and writing server!

we play among us, cod, minecraft, overwatch, ect and we are also looking for new friends!

epic cool server you should join

Just a place to hang out, no specific topic, just to talk to random people and join events in games i set up every once in a while lol

Hi and welcome to my den. This is a very Kawaii place to have fun and make new friends. There’s lots of fun things in this server and we are always improving. We look forward to seeing you! 🥰

Hello! This is a new server that I have just made on discord. I hope to make a community around this server and to meet new people and try to make friends I would also like for people to also meet new people and make new friends

• Topics SCP:SL & SCP:CB Topics, SCP discussion, Minecraft, Programming and much more! • Offering Welcoming community, nice/friendly Staff, hospitable members!

A world where the community gets to run the discord, where they get to vote for who they want in charge? What more could you ask for? Join today! Community Hierarchy "Powered By Community."