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DJR discord server


Community server for DJR's Twitch/YouTube. This server is for people to chill, chat with others, send memes, play music, play games together and most importantly; to have fun!

Want to find friends to play games like league, terraria and among us with? Or even just find people to talk with, then drop on by!

Welcome to GreenVille RolePlay, we are a discord server based on a Roblox game called 'GreenVille' and we roleplay on that. We are active and host sessions frequently, we also have multiple job offers which you can choose. 50 members = giveaway!

A friendly little community were we come together and do as the mercy’s and play among us and other various games together.

A fun place to vibe, chill, play games, hang out, make friends. 18+ community.

Welcome to War and Peace. This is an Alternate History Nation Roleplay. The aim of this is open-ended, you can become a nation that conquers half the world, or a nation that makes profit by selling other nations materials. We will be starting in 1750 and

Moonlight is a friendly and active, public server with over 300 members that provides its community with weekly events and new friends to hangout with.

please come join us at pokemon home

We are a welcoming and active server dedicated to mainly interfaith discussion and debate of various religious and theological positions. People of all faiths or lack thereof are welcome to join!

This server is a tech server but also a place to chill with other members, have fun with some dank memes, and also get answers to tech FAQs.

We welcome everyone no bullying is excepted what so ever. Safe community were we do movie nights, game nights, and party nights.

This My Hero Academia universe roleplay will follow the lives of Yugure High’s latest first-year students. You can choose to be enrolled in the hero, support, or general studies course!

Un servidor para conocer a nueva gente! :D

This server is a place where people can hang out and tell whatever they want to.

Hello! 😊 Join our server. A server where we can all just chill, hangout, play and have fun.