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A sever aimed at enabling cool people to meet each other some what for persona fans but all are welcome to join and just hang out or play among us

KBOB is a server who strives to unite one another. We are also a server who loves kpop and boba which is how the name KBOB was born. We host movie nights and game nights for now. Any one is welcomed.

The Best Chess Server on Discord

If you love getting hella bitches and infinite pussy you will join this server. Scientifically proven to add 3+ inches to penis length. You will secure the juice and the bag if you join Slug Gang. EZ Clap

Dedicated to everyone who plays Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi.

This is a new server. If you wanna chill and talk about gaming, anime, or memes. Also have fun 😈 join!

This server is my friend’s and I’s Twitch community server. There are 50+ members who are kind and enjoy gaming. We’re all respectful and wholesome. Mostly PS4 players but we’re looking to expand and meet new wonderful people 💛

this server gives you free discord games, invite reward just join this server

Step it up! Growing day by day! Join our active community!

A Lounge for anyone and everyone. We love YouTube and Gaming so come chill with us! Entertainment awaits you...

EDH Unchained is a discord server dedicated to the EDH format of MTG. We host a place to play the game via webcam with paper cards, have brewing channels for making decks, and many other channels for other aspects of MTG.

Growing community for gamers and weebs alike to do what they do best.

Hi! we're looking for members that can participate in our monthly read-along, our group consists of book discussion, read-along, community gathering, and of course book memes. who knows this is the right place for you, come and find out!

If you're into video games, star wars, marvel or any other geeky thing you should come join us! We're a group of massive geeks looking for some more people to talk star wars and play video games with!

This server is a tech server but also a place to chill with other members, have fun with some dank memes, and also get answers to tech FAQs.

A friendly little community were we come together and do as the mercy’s and play among us and other various games together.